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God of War 2 is a third-individual, activity experience amusement focused around Greek Mythology which serves the foundation of the diversion. 

The game-play is fundamentally the same to the past portion, and concentrates on combo-based battle, accomplished through the player's principle weapon—Athena's Blades—and auxiliary weapons procured all through the amusement.

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The player can use up to four enchanted assaults and a force improving capability as option battle alternatives. The amusement likewise gimmicks riddles and platforming components. Notwithstanding its immeasurably comparable game-play, God of War II peculiarities enhanced riddles and four times the same number of supervisors as the first. 

The player discovers midsections colored green, blue, red, or gold, and every midsection contains circles of the comparing shade. Green spheres recharge the player's wellbeing, blue circles renew enchantment permitting further use. 
There's a face-crushing Titan mode to play through after you've completed the diversion once, and on the off chance that you need a shorter mortification, you can handle the Challenge of the Titans mode. Intended to draw out the test for accomplished players, it sets you to short, apparently inconceivable undertakings, in the same way as air-juggling 10 adversaries to death in under a moment. 

The finished result is an addictive, constantly fun rush ride that'll make you feel like the hardest, most severe thing in the old world.


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