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The freshest version  10.1, incorporates numerous increases that get ready Apple Final Cut Pro X for the eventual fate of feature of creation and help to make a video editorial manager's occupation a tad bit less demanding.
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New devices in the Retiming (pace) menu incorporate exceptionally speed retiming with or without undulating, and having the capacity to razor sharp edge cuts to make velocity zones (Shift-B) without making "alter focuses". We can turn on or off, and redo rate inclines, between retiming sections of a solitary cut, called a velocity "Move", by conforming each one side of the shaded zone between pace zones. 

The Magnetic Timeline enhances customary methods for trimming, including swell, move, slip, and slide alters. In the event that you require extra control, twofold click an alter to open the Precision Editor and make trims specifically in the timetable. The Precision Editor extends your perspective of the alter point so you can see both utilized and unused segments of your cuts. At that point skim whole cuts and change alter focuses with a click. 

Today's feature proofreader manages more configurations and footage than at any other time. Polished product Pro X helps you handle everything effortlessly, offering a streamlined import interface and element better approaches to sort out your media. 

Set up Smart Collections to compose cuts in a mixture of courses without moving or duplicating documents. Make an inquiry utilizing any mix of metadata and catchphrases, then spare it as a Smart Collection. Finished product Pro naturally adds new things to a Smart Collection when there is a match with the fields you've chosen.

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