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Road Rash 2002 is the first diversion in an arrangement of cruiser dashing feature recreations by Electronic Road Rash the players take part in fierce, unlawful road races. 

What Road Rash truly brings to the table is "fighting"; the player can battle different bikers with an assortment of hand weapons or basic punches and kicks. The player at first begins off with simply those essentials, however can get a weapon from an alternate rider by timing a punch accurately. The rundown of weapons has developed with the amusements, beginning from the clubs in the first Road Rash, and in the end including things like crowbars, nunchaku, and cows nudges. Whatever the weapon, fruitful assaults harm an adversary's stamina, and exhausting this stamina will result in a biker to wipeout which can likewise harm the bicycle; this capacities much like hitting an auto or other significant impediment, and everything applies to you to the extent that to different racers (however in the vast majority of the recreations, you have more stamina than rivals). 

As said some time recently, the last and most real snag are cops. The cruiser cops battle the player as an alternate adversary and serve as game-play implementers by selecting players who fall too a long ways behind or decide to investigate the world as opposed to race in it. Losing a battle with an officer or being gotten by one while off one's cruiser causes the player to be Busted, finishing the race.

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