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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game is a 2009 third-individual activity feature diversion created by Ubisoft Montreal. 

As a fighter, the player is furnished with guns, for example, attack rifles, shotguns, projectile launchers, and flamethrowers. The warrior by and large need to kill the foes, which are quick and flexible and normally charging towards the player, from a far distance. Playing as an Avatar restrains the player to stand out Avatar-issued automatic weapon and different primitive weapons, for example, bows, crossbows and scuffle weapons. The Avatar player normally need to charge the adversaries since extended weapon are either feeble (the assault rifle), have moderate rate of discharge (bows and crossbows), or have restricted ammo; in any case, the human foes are by and large frail and the essential infantrymen can bite the dust in the wake of getting hit once with one strike of a club. 

Download Avatar PC Game
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As the player finishes mission targets or dispenses with resistance, the character increases experience focuses and step up. The step up methodology is truly straight, with no real way to redo the character. Each one level remunerates the character with better forms of the weapons, protective layer and aptitudes she/he as of now has. The character can have just 1 defensive layer (one kind of battle apparatus at once, however with more elevated amounts, distinctive sorts get to be accessible, which may be chosen rather than the first), 4 aptitudes and 4 weapons prepared into brisk opening at any one time.

Download Avatar Game Full Version
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On the off chance that the player's wellbeing is decreased to 0, they can utilize a recuperation that in a split second recoups to full wellbeing. Recuperations might be gained by social affair cell tests deserted by killed animals (counting Humans or Na'vi) or plants, however just 5 Recoveries could be conveyed at any one time.Symbol players can gather Cell Samples all the more effectively from numerous plants without needing to "slaughter" them. In the event that the player tumbles to his demise, notwithstanding, he can't utilize Recoveries and need to reload from a check point which is naturally spared. The diversion offers no real way to physically spare when playing the amusement (it is just spared when player achieve certain focuses, finished a goal, or quit the amusement). An uncommon case includes a different checkpoint when the client chooses which race to agree with, which can't be overwritten.


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