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Download Alcohol 120%
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Alcohol 120% is an optical plate composing program and circle picture emulator made by Alcohol Soft. 

The most recent version of Alcohol 120% contain the A.c.i.d. wizard. A.c.i.d., or "Alcohol Cloaking Initiative for DRM" (built initially in light of the Y.a.s.u. application), works as a "SCSI-drive defender" which conceals imitated drives from Securom 7 and Safedisc 4. 

The peculiarities found in Alcohol 120% are an arrangement of wizards that permit you to duplicate, make and store circle pictures. There are no tearing peculiarities, so on the off chance that you need to tear a sound CD onto your machine, you'll need to search for an alternate project. On the off chance that you need to create an unique sound circle with tracks on your machine, you must dispatch what is known as the "Xtra Wizard" and make a plate picture with the tracks you need. At that point return to the "Blazing Wizard" and smolder the picture to a clear plate. Given that they've covered this usefulness and most clients don't comprehend what a plate picture is, this is not a compelling approach to make a sound CD. This is only one case of the over complicated nature of Alcohol 120%. 

Alcohol 120% presents to 31 distinctive virtual drives and additionally an ATIP Hider capacity, which beats an insurance that keeps amusements from working in a CD/DVD ROM burner. As a result of its viability and fame, the greater part of Third Party Applications you may need to make your reinforcement amusement duplicate effective through patches and such—are particularly intended to work with Alcohol 120%. 

Alcohol 120% basically isn't usable enough for the normal individual that needs to copy a CD. The interface is convoluted and the devices most individuals use CD copying programming for are covered and unreasonable. This product may speak to some individuals, however insufficient for it to rank high on our side-by-side examination outline.


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