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It's Microsoft's second real redesign to Windows 8 in its 18-month life. 

Generally, little has changed in that time. In a few ways that is a decent thing, yet in others it isn't. For one thing, the Windows Store is still dispossessed of applications yet since we principally utilize the OS on Pcs and laptops without touchscreens, the Modern UI doesn't generally get a look-in at any rate. 
The Start screen gets new huge tile sizes so you can see more data on the double. Applications must be uncommonly manufactured to utilize this, however a considerable lot of Microsoft's own applications are. 

There are a few more inconspicuous progressions to the Start screen, as well. One is a descending indicating bolt which, when you swipe up or click on it shows all your applications as a matrix of symbols. You can select to show desktop applications before Modern UI applications on the Apps rundown when sorted by class. It seems like a minor gimmick, yet it has an extensive effect on the off chance that you transcendently utilize the desktop. 
A concealed gimmick that is not entirely obvious is that, when you right-click on the Start catch, you get a 'force client' menu. This was available in Windows 8 (regardless could be rung utilizing the Windows+x key fusion) yet has another passage: Shut down. This permits you to utilize the old-style menu alternatives to shut down, restart or put the machine into slumber mode. 

It's presently conceivable to drag down from the highest point of a full-screen application, as well, to make another title bar show up. This gives some welcome visual affordance to Windows 8's drag-to-part emphasize, and in addition standard Minimize and Close catches, so mouse clients no more need to reenact Windows 8's swiping motions with the mouse.  
The Charms bar is an alternate just took the ribbon off new gimmick. It shows up when you swipe your finger in from the right-hand edge of the screen. 
In case you're acquainted with the Smart Search offer that appeared in Windows 8.1, you realize that Microsoft is presently coexisting results from the web with hunts of the records on your PC.

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