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Dynasty Warriors 8 is a pounded 'em feature amusement and the eighth authority portion of the Dynasty Warriors arrangement. It is produced by Omega Force and distributed by Tecmo Koei. 

The story has been completely revamped, with each of the four factions' stories partitioning into a verifiable way and a theoretical way at a basic part of their stories. Every mission may have various discretionary goals which open extra side story missions or adjust the course of history,such as the minute where the surge assault in Fan Castle falls flat and in this way spares Guan Yu's life from being quenched and hence in connection additionally spares Zhang Fei from the deceiving officers. So as to open the theoretical way, players must finish the greater part of the discretionary targets in both the fundamental and side stories preceding the basic purpose of the storyline.The diversion additionally permits a community play of the story mode and it could be played both disconnected from the net and on the web. In the past portion to the establishment, Dynasty Warriors 7, the story mode was just single-player.

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Many adversaries show up on screen immediately, however it doesn't require much exertion to cut through them with your officer's weapon of decision, be it a sword, a titan pound, a deck of captivated tarot cards or a bazooka. No doubt, truly. Be that as it may while Dynasty Warriors is frequently unreasonably discounted as an inconsiderate catch basher, fundamental combos won't get you past harder adversaries. To beat them you'll need to make utilization of blocking, counters and, obviously, the arrangement's trademark Musou assaults. 

Top off your Musou meter and you can unleash an obliterating, dramatic territory of-impact assault that wipes out scores of adversaries in a single killer blow. They're all splendidly energized and special to each one character. Lu Bu pushes his halberd forward with an electrical jolt lightning. Zhang Fei snatches an adversary by the legs, turns them around and tosses them over the war zone. The ensuing wellspring of bodies from initiating a Musou assault in a huge gathering of officers is fantastically fulfilling.

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Administration Warriors 8 likewise includes Rage Mode; this repairman is like the Musou Rage framework from Dynasty Warriors 5. This obliges the Rage Gage to be full, which may be accomplished by assaulting adversaries. While in Rage Mode, the player's Musou bars consolidated together, and is naturally recharged; when the player presses the Musou assault catch, the player can perform a Rage Attack, an influential move reminiscent of Musou assaults from past Dynasty Warriors recreations, in that it will gradually drain a character's Musou guage, and closes at whatever point the player discharges the Musou assault catch or the gage is unfilled (the Rage Gage may be exhausted while a player is performing the Rage Attack; Rage Mode will end for this situation when the Rage Attack closes).

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