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Rage is a first-individual shooter feature amusement created by id Software. 

The amusement is situated in a post-prophetically calamitous not so distant future, after the effect of the space rock 99942 Apophis on Earth. 
Rage,fabricated utilizing id Tech 5 motor, is one of the most attractive amusements ever constructed, bragging an amazing mix of imaginativeness, liveliness and smooth execution.

The weapons in Rage are all FPS staples, however they've likewise all been tweaked or changed somehow that sets them separated from your normal shooter.

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The weapons in Rage feel compelling, and not simply in light of the fact that they're uproarious. Hit a mutant in the leg and you'll see it snap back.combat experiences assemble in trouble and toss an assortment of progressively troublesome adversaries in the mix, constraining you to be innovative with your weapons. In the end you'll procure all the fundamental weapon sorts, including a marksman rifle, rocket launcher and two ambush rifles. Despite the fact that no one but four could be dynamic at once. 

There are a few sorts of ammo accessible for every weapon, to permit the player to further tweak his or her player style. 
You can ride around in surreys and vigorously defensively covered autos, impact rockets at scoundrel vehicles and speed over bounced to crush coasting guides and acquire additional prizes. 

Rage additionally offers some pretending amusement (RPG) components, including a stock framework, plundering framework, and diverse sorts of ammunition. 
Scoundrels and mutants are your shooting feed for the vast majority of the amusement, while later on the mechanically smart Authority switch up the gameplay with their slug engrossing shield and holographic uproar shields.

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Rage has two multiplayer modes: "Road Rage" and "Wasteland Legends". In Road Rage, up to four players contend in a free-for-all match that happens in an enclosure intended to make utilization of the vehicles. The target is to gather rally focuses that show up around the coliseum while slaughtering your rivals and taking their focuses. Legends of the Wasteland is an arrangement of two-player community missions focused around stories that are heard all through the single-player crusade. There are a sum of 9 destinations in this diversion sort. 
It won Critics Awards of E3 2010 for "Best Console Game," and "Best Action Game," alongside the "Uncommon Commendation for Graphics.

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