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Call of Duty Ghosts could be a 2013 first-person shooter computer game developed by Infinity Ward and revealed by Activision. it is the tenth primary installment within the Call of Duty series. The Players assume the role of Logan for many of the sport, with many different playable characters, as well as AN traveller specialist named Baker, and Logan's father, Elias Walker. Call of Duty Ghosts introduces a brand new game sort referred to as Squads. This mode may be vie either solo or with different players as well as friends. A squad consists of 10 completely different customizable characters. Squads may be used in distinctive game modes involving AI controlled enemies and AI controlled squad mates. Players area unit on the facet of a lame nation fighting not for freedom, or liberty, however merely to survive. Ghosts takes on a refreshfully distinctive premise during which the threat comes not from the east, however the south: a federation of oil-rich South yank nations rises to require over the hemisphere, pushing north and returning to blows with the U.S.
The single player campaign can once more follow multiple characters on a globe-trotting journey that may in all probability involve shooting vast numbers of individuals.

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