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Call Of Duty: Black Ops II is a 2012 first-individual shooter feature amusement, created by Treyarch and distributed by Activision. 

Black Ops II is the ninth diversion in the Call of Duty establishment of feature amusements and a spin-off of the 2010 amusement Call of Duty: Black Ops II is the first Call of Duty feature amusement to peculiarity expanding storylines, in which the player's decision influences both the current mission and thus, the general course of the story. 
A reconsidered multiplayer suite acquaints players with the absolute most front line weaponry and gear that 2025 will bring to the table.


The single-player fight offers two joined storylines, with the first set from 1986 to 1989 throughout the last years of the first Cold War, and the other set in 2025 throughout a second Cold War.the 2025 segment of the diversion characteristics Alex Mason's child David as the hero, in which Menendez is plotting against the United States and China with one of his extreme objectives being to see the United States secured another Cold War with China, in retribution for a number of his setbacks. 

Dark Ops II is the first diversion in the Call of Duty establishment to gimmick future warfare innovation.


Strike Force missions permit the player to control various diverse war possessions, for example, unmanned ethereal vehicles, plane contenders and robots. On the off chance that the player kicks the bucket in a Strike Force mission, the crusade keeps recording that misfortune, instead of letting the player stack an awhile ago spared checkpoint. 

This is the third time for the Zombies mode to show up in a Call of Duty diversion, and the first run through to have amusement modes other than the conventional Survival mode. Treyarch has additionally affirmed that Zombies will run on the diversion's multiplayer motor, taking into consideration a deeper group experience, alongside new gimmicks. Another, 8 player center amusement called "Melancholy" is likewise underpinned, offering 2 groups of 4 players contending to survive.

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