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AVG Antivirus is a good security suite that provides adequate protection and adds very little weight to your system not like different antiviruses.
AVG Antivirus not solely provides you the best antivirus protection and security measures, however additional privacy options for 2014 facilitate keep your personal data safe each on-line and on your laptop, and also the new integrated File device for good deletes sensitive files to stay them from falling into the incorrect hands.
AVG Antivirus is one in every of the most effective antiviruses that exist these days as a result of it's premium options, anti-spyware technology and automatic software system change.
It's easy to put in and has all the options you'd expect from any antivirus program.
The sensible scanning technology not solely reduces scan times, it ensures that they happen once your laptop is not busy with different tasks.
AVG Antivirus comes with App Scanner, File Scanner, and Settings Scanner.
AVG Link-Scanner provides time period internet aquatics protection by inspecting internet addresses.
The Phone locater feature allows you to find your lost or purloined phone through Google Maps.
The Call and Text Message interference feature warns you of suspicious text messages. additionally, it conjointly allows you to dam specific caller.
The Task Killer feature allows you to close down programs directly to forestall freezes and boost PC's performance.


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