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Windows eight represents the most important modification to Microsoft’s software system. Windows eight introduced major changes to the operative system's platform and program to enhance its user expertise on tablets, wherever Windows was currently competitive with mobile operative systems, as well as golem and iOS. the safety options in Windows eight go a lot of deeper than accounts. it is the 1st software system to use the UEFI secure boot feature that signs and validates boot parts to form positive than a rootkit hasn't tampered along with your system. 

There area unit enhancements to BitLocker, the whole-disk encoding feature that stops somebody taking your drive out and reading it in another system. the most one is that solely the disc space in use is encrypted, not the entire drive; that produces encrypting your drive so much quicker Windows eight.1 looks additional intent than ever to tug users into the railway interface, and into its suite of inbuilt apps. Things sort of a shared desktop-Metro background and hyperbolic management over your own personal live tile layout create railway appear less inhospitable. As will the hyperbolic multi-app support, and therefore the Metro-only omni-search choice. If you haven't sworn off railway nonetheless, 8.1 is Microsoft's newest arrange to lure you in, and it is a additional tempting supply than last time.

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